Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do you believe in Unit Testing

Most of the developers don't believe in unit testing. As for my experience I don't really blame for developers. Why they are not attempting is b'cos product/project release time pressures. Many software houses have not embraced unit testing into their process therefore the time component of unit testing is not included in the estimation. But that's only an one aspect of it the other side is lack of knowledge and training on proper unit testing tools and practices. If you are planing to implement unit testing process for your team have a look the flowing tools. They are very useful to implement the unit testing process properly. One of the good book in this topic is Art Of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove".

Here is how one of Microsoft MVP's described this book

“Beautifully craft ed, detailed unit testing masterpiece.
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!”
—Mohammad Azam, Microsoft MVP, HighOnCoding

Some of the supplementary tools are :

- NDbUnit, DbUnit
- Rhino Mocks, NMock
- Fit, WinFITRunnerLite
- TypeMock
- NUnitAsp

Enjoy and Rethink about unit testing.....

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